Down the Rabbit Hole

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With David Hooper, Howard V. Bolitho, David DeBiasi and Cathryn Neracher


Hosted by Filmmaker David Hooper – The Anatomy of a Great Deception – DTRH picks up where his highly acclaimed film left off. Each week Hooper and Co-Hosts Howard V. Bolitho, David DeBiasi and Cathryn Neracher discuss a broad range of topics, often classified as conspiracy theories, in an attempt to find the truth hidden from the general population. Nothing is taboo and no topic is too controversial for intelligent debate.


Affectionately referred to as a “walking encyclopedia”, Hooper shares the information that opened up his eyes and literally changed his life. During his exhaustive research for AGD he found that 9-11 wasn’t even the beginning and certainly isn’t the end. He tells the story behind the stories we have all heard about, but didn’t fully understand the meaning or implications of.


By the time post-production wrapped for his film, David and Howard made a commitment to continue the work that began with AGD as a team. With a background in music and print, Howard serves as the moderator on DTRH. Outspoken and opinionated, his focus is on current events and their potential long term effect, while trying to remain open minded and fair.


With a passion for history, politics and The Constitution, David DeBiasi uses a “tough love” approach to enlighten those who choose to live in denial. Witty and often sarcastic, he has unique style of simplifying complex subjects and expressing them in a way that is difficult to argue with.


Educated in law, with hands on experience in politics, Cathryn Neracher has dedicated her life to helping those truly in need. She devotes much her time to ministry and the fight against the victimization of young women. Originally brought on as a guest for a show on Human Trafficking, she was extended an open invitation to appear on air whenever her schedule would permit. Since then, she has become a regular contributor, bringing a fresh perspective to the issues discussed each week.

The Anatomy of a Great Deception

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 “The Anatomy of a Great Deception”

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